The concept of Nashville Connected was born from a gift of "connecting" people, both personally and professionally. Through artistic conversation and analytical curiosity the idea developed for building a social and professional circle that connects individuals, companies, Information Technology (IT) professionals, and community organizations through creative opportunities, mentoring/educational efforts, and technology skills/roles. The vision of Nashville Connected is to craft an ecosystem to help raise women's socioeconomic status by adding / expanding knowledge and skills in IT using creative and collaborative efforts.  And how does ART relate to IT? Well, believe it or not, the creative mind brings innovative ideas, and Tech is a key part of building innovation. A creative mind is key whether connecting people or connecting systems and processes. We will have art workshops along with technical training to create an inviting space for all. 

 And, thus we have: 


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This site will showcase original photography from myself and from guest artists. We may also include some other fun ART-sy items---paintings, sculptures, pottery, repurposed art--and special fund-raising events. (It's a work-in-progress.) You will be able to purchase art via this site by choosing the "art" menu option, and "clicking" each photo or going into "photo albums", where folders are setup to organize by location/category. We will commit a portion of proceeds to be used to support community education in creative and technical skills. 


Technology and business are critical elements to most organizations' success today.

Our mission is to increase the percentage of Women in IT through training, education, experience and connections. We will plan / develop Basic IT Training in partnership with educational and community organizations to support this effort. In addition, we have online technical training in a variety of specialty areas for anyone / everyone who may want to pursue a new path or strengthen skills in technology. "Get On the List" to request training, speaking, and/or team building activities for your organization/group.


Think of Nashville Connected as a "Professional Matchmaker"  connecting professional organizations with subject matter experts via online profiles and AI functionality to identify matches based on skills, experience, culture fit, and more. Our mission also involves expanding the connection between professional and community organizations to impact the growth of individuals pursuing IT/technical careers. If you are a SME seeking an IT role or a company seeking a SME, complete our access form. 

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Thank you for visiting. I hope you enjoy the the ART. and Adventures.

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