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Hello, I'm Vanessa.

Artist. IT Nerd. Professional Matchmaker. Educator/Speaker. 

Founder and owner of Nashville Connected and the collaborative effort of


I am a left-brain/right-brain mind with the artistic and analytical mind. Having been in the tech space over 20 years as a practitioner, I'm beginning to transition into more of a consultative and educational role in tech and to delve into the artistic side of my psyche. My goal will be to use a percentage of profits raised in selling or fund-raising art to fund education for females (young and old). If you're wanting to learn more about art and different aspects of your own creative abilities, stick around. To learn more about technology and how you can potentially transition to a tech-based career,

Visit my site to learn more about service offerings, including learning opportunities, click here:

Technology Business Consulting & Speaking


If you have any special requests, inquiries, or suggestions, please submit your thoughts/ideas via our access form.

I would love to hear from you!  


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