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Adventure Awaits

Updated: Nov 13, 2021

Hi. I’m Vanessa Taylor aka Nashville Connected. Since I was a little girl I dreamed of traveling the world, taking adventures, and exploring in, well, just about anywhere! My imagination and creative spirit allow me to find (or create) adventure regardless of where I am. Originally from small-town Mississippi, I’ve lived in Nashville TN the past 20+ years where I raised my son, co-parenting with his dad, and began my professional career in Technology.

I've worked in the corporate world, with a consulting firm, and have been an independent consultant the past 5 years, working with both personal clients and subcontracting on projects. My son recently graduated high school and started his own adventure to a different state for baseball and college. It will be a fun, rewarding, challenging, and memorable time in his adult life!

Being that I am now an empty-nester (am I really that "old"?!...time does fly!), I too will be starting a new journey. I figured what better time to do so than now?! I have opted to give up my home in Nashville to explore the USA; live a nomad life. With remote working being more acceptable since 2020, I will be continuing my IT consulting while adding IT training and speaking engagements while I travel. AND I plan to document my adventures through pictures, writing, videos (Lord help me; I may need some encouragement for that). Who knows, I may even write a book!! Regardless, I plan to share my adventures with you!

All. The. Things.

AND...I want your help!

I have a loosely devised plan of states, cities, parks, areas I want to visit. But I’d love to hear your recommendations for places to visit and stay locally! I hope to travel off the beaten path to unique and fun locations. Maybe areas that aren’t yet “on the map” but who want to be. Small towns with such charm who may need a little boost of tourism and visitors. I want to support local business owners as much as possible. I will be taking photos and videos and featuring areas--lodging, restaurants, shopping, hiking, etc.

Because this adventure will be captured in pictures (and possibly other artwork), I plan to incorporate this into ART. TECH. CONNECT. I plan to sell art photos, single prints or memberships for monthly collections. I may even come across other artists to feature (I hope I do!!). A portion of the proceeds will go toward technology training to help individuals enter or transition into the workforce in technical roles. I'll share more about the details of training as this evolves. For now, I'll focus on the adventure. I look forward to sharing it with you and hearing your ideas.

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